Thursday, 4 November 2010

asking for help

Trying to think of different production names and suggestion would be helpful please comment them below if you have any in mind please only senseable ones only, if i believe the comment to be offensive will remove it :)... thank you

moving along

All units of work are well on there way having sevral meeting a load of storyboards. camera research had a yellow cayke meeting on monday all seems to be going to plan have set up sevral filming days. have to think more about my specilism and what i will be picking.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

storyboard time

Live Client
After the yellowcayke meeting we have much more idea's to work with they is nothing like a face to face meeting its much easier to understand your client, but the 6:42 lenght song saltburn will have a theme of a journey from a night out in leeds and unknowlingly ending up in saltburn, while his mate is trying to track him down we are thinking of a little twist at the end which you may be able to guess...

but to help us make a storyboard where taking a Digital SLR and a load of recce sheets across all locations, we are also planning on using the time on the beach to help the straight8 competition and getting a idea for location... this means a trip from redcar to whitby tomorrow.... I plan to upload photo's tomorrow.


This is the first time memtioning the Multicam project, this is mainly because my roles havent come into full force yet. The Multicam project includes a live edited piece of work in our Film & TV studio which has to be edited into VT's they is no chance to slip up as it has to be done, as if going live to the nation. The script for this is still in process, roles in the production have been split into 4 segments to get a better alround training, my roles in the production is Graphic designer / Programmer for VT's. Im also a 2nd unit director. I also do camera, sound.

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Lets Actually Begin - Live

It has been a week since my production blog was set up. I may as well say that this blog will cover my TV & Film Production work druing my time at CCAD and hopefully career will cover promblems and solutions and even evalutions of my work. I hope to recieved feedback to what I post to get all your views.

Last weeks all members on the course had to pitch our idea's to live clients all with different briefs to work to. The live projects I will be taking a main role in is the Straight8 competition, Crash(WoolRoom Client) and Yellowcayke Music Video.

In a few hours I will be having my first face to face meeting with Yellowcayke, about idea's for his video, with will manily take place around saltburn beach so far will inform in more detail on a later date or when asked.

For the Staight8, Peter Silk and I have ordered some stock for filming next week this isnt for the staight8 Competition for what was pitched this is a documentary Straight8 Competition, the reason for us taking part in this aswell is to get practice which is always a good idea. overall for the straight 8 im going to be cinematographer. The Documentary is called "Dan the one man band" and the straight8 which we will be marked on is called "Water Woman".

Sadly for the crash much can not be said as Andy (the person who pitched this) is away with BBC Blast for a few weeks, he has been informed but more needs to be said before I can say anything.