Saturday, 16 October 2010

storyboard time

Live Client
After the yellowcayke meeting we have much more idea's to work with they is nothing like a face to face meeting its much easier to understand your client, but the 6:42 lenght song saltburn will have a theme of a journey from a night out in leeds and unknowlingly ending up in saltburn, while his mate is trying to track him down we are thinking of a little twist at the end which you may be able to guess...

but to help us make a storyboard where taking a Digital SLR and a load of recce sheets across all locations, we are also planning on using the time on the beach to help the straight8 competition and getting a idea for location... this means a trip from redcar to whitby tomorrow.... I plan to upload photo's tomorrow.


This is the first time memtioning the Multicam project, this is mainly because my roles havent come into full force yet. The Multicam project includes a live edited piece of work in our Film & TV studio which has to be edited into VT's they is no chance to slip up as it has to be done, as if going live to the nation. The script for this is still in process, roles in the production have been split into 4 segments to get a better alround training, my roles in the production is Graphic designer / Programmer for VT's. Im also a 2nd unit director. I also do camera, sound.

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