Sunday, 20 February 2011

CCAD at London

Our course this week has had a trip to london. The reason for this was to have a chance of going to the Broadcast Video Expo 2011 in Earls Court.


We had to go on the last day because we are students, but I had a fun run around looking at all the fancey gadgets they had to offer and they was a lot! I also Decieded that it might be a good idea to vist the Avid Seminars as Iam hoping to specilise as a Editor and Im conferdent on Adobe Software New and Old and I have had a lot of messing around with Final Cut Pro but somehow always avoided the Avid suite , however im going to be spending a lot of time on that suite next week, and the coming months and thought it would be a good idea to see pro's at it first... I must say it looked wonderful but it was a lot to take in and I can see that Avid are changing at lot with their new software, and Im looking forward to trying it out and will update on how I feel about it.

I did also buy a book on editing and a new external Hard Disk Drive because everything is moving more and more to digital if not there and its no longer safe just one back up so I have my old 1 TB harddrive which is slower than this new faster and better in everyway model.


While we where in london it would be a shame not to take advantage of the westend which was more or less a door step away, if you know of Queen which I hope you do you know that the name is from one of his famous songs, but I most say that this was a brilliant show which has tonnes of life, power, colour and comedy. It was a perfect way to enjoy your night in london.

Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Last week was the week when we finalised our specilism groups.

my main focus is on editing and cinematographer.

I will be taking part in 4 projects, 3 editing projects and 1 cinematographer

The projects im having my main focus on is;

1) Peter silk - who just now changed at lot about it but is going to have a grindhouse (more B-movie now) style to it. (no working title) Im going to be digital cinematographer and back-up film camera.
Camera Format - P2.

2) Andy Harrison - which is fast pace story exploring the theme's of geek culture through four main charectors all with their own styles of geek, this does have a working title TBP but will be changing. my role for this project is editor.
Editing Format - Mac: Final Cut Pro.

3) Jess Shaw - is a project focusing around one charector who has had so much hurt from his past realtionship and to cope writes down all what he is thinking in a dairy. this is going to be a much slower pace film.
Editing Format - PC: Avid

4) Lee Charnley - this is a project arranged with my course leaders. Its a project we where hoping to last year however due to issues at the time we were unable, but now im including it into a specilism. The project is to make a promotional video to advertise the new course taking over the one im on now, showing the best pieces over the life span of this course.
Editing Format - PC: Adobe CS5

Thursday, 27 January 2011

Urgent Update!

I can clearly see that my updates have been more than slacking of late, and this needs to change, I will be doing mass changes to my blog over the next few weeks.

of course this dairy of how my productions will not have a middles but does have a begining and a end... i have made all my pratical deadlines for multicam and my lives.... NOW PAPER WORK!

To refresh this is a big unit of work where we act if the show is being broadcast live with mixed VT's on the 19th January. We had to stick to a strict timescale for the show, and sadly missed the last few seconds, but this is a huge learning curve, I can say though my SFX for the gunshot was on time even if we didnt see a gun, they where sound issues with the show and i was sound for the last part (who Laura Glendenning was Director) of the show where a microphone failed, and the backup microphone began to ring! however i feel we did do the best to work around this. I was also in charge of camera 2 in the begining of the show I did make mistakes which I didnt make in rehersuals (sorry Steven Swain / Director), I also done the Programming and Graphics for the show (complied the VT's) which had about 3 final versions... nothing new

Lives (Client Work)

(Director - Karl Keenen / Producer - Peter Silk)

I was Camera and Editor, thanks to the snow we had it had a weeks worth of shoots before Christmas which left lots of last minute filming for the deadline however we filmed it and I even editted a version. even handed in a day early i will still be working on the edit for the client to get

WaterWoman - (Straight 8)
(Director - Peter Silk / Producer - Jo Clayton)

I was Cinematographer along with Andy Harrison
But seriously NO 5 O'CLOCK STARTS for this project, we where meant to shoot this again before christmas, sadly again snow and cliff's dont mix so.... no shooting, but since we got back we have had many early starts for sun rises near the sea and on monday it was a big filming day... pushing everything we had from pick ups at 6AM to drop off after 6PM we needed to film it in that one day, we pushed and pushed and got it all filmed, it was a very enduring day with frezzing conditions and laying on wet sand to get shots with no 2nd chances, but we did it!

At the same time of filming this project we also did a digital copy i will hope to upload a copy of this project... depending on how its going to be marketed?

(Director - Andy Harrison / Producer - Laura Glendenning)

I was Editor

I spent 2 days editing this 1 minute project straight after waterwoman, This shoot was always planned after newyear however it did have added pressure thanks to all my over projects but with good planning somehow made it all work... i will hope to be able to put a link up of the final piece soon

Before Christmas time (shows how long its been since i did update) I helpped Laura Degnan on a film shoot where I was genral runner and stills i will be uploading some of these's stills soon, I enjoyed taking part in the production and made some good contacts on the shoot, which will help me in the future.