Sunday, 20 February 2011

CCAD at London

Our course this week has had a trip to london. The reason for this was to have a chance of going to the Broadcast Video Expo 2011 in Earls Court.


We had to go on the last day because we are students, but I had a fun run around looking at all the fancey gadgets they had to offer and they was a lot! I also Decieded that it might be a good idea to vist the Avid Seminars as Iam hoping to specilise as a Editor and Im conferdent on Adobe Software New and Old and I have had a lot of messing around with Final Cut Pro but somehow always avoided the Avid suite , however im going to be spending a lot of time on that suite next week, and the coming months and thought it would be a good idea to see pro's at it first... I must say it looked wonderful but it was a lot to take in and I can see that Avid are changing at lot with their new software, and Im looking forward to trying it out and will update on how I feel about it.

I did also buy a book on editing and a new external Hard Disk Drive because everything is moving more and more to digital if not there and its no longer safe just one back up so I have my old 1 TB harddrive which is slower than this new faster and better in everyway model.


While we where in london it would be a shame not to take advantage of the westend which was more or less a door step away, if you know of Queen which I hope you do you know that the name is from one of his famous songs, but I most say that this was a brilliant show which has tonnes of life, power, colour and comedy. It was a perfect way to enjoy your night in london.

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