Tuesday, 15 February 2011


Last week was the week when we finalised our specilism groups.

my main focus is on editing and cinematographer.

I will be taking part in 4 projects, 3 editing projects and 1 cinematographer

The projects im having my main focus on is;

1) Peter silk - who just now changed at lot about it but is going to have a grindhouse (more B-movie now) style to it. (no working title) Im going to be digital cinematographer and back-up film camera.
Camera Format - P2.

2) Andy Harrison - which is fast pace story exploring the theme's of geek culture through four main charectors all with their own styles of geek, this does have a working title TBP but will be changing. my role for this project is editor.
Editing Format - Mac: Final Cut Pro.

3) Jess Shaw - is a project focusing around one charector who has had so much hurt from his past realtionship and to cope writes down all what he is thinking in a dairy. this is going to be a much slower pace film.
Editing Format - PC: Avid

4) Lee Charnley - this is a project arranged with my course leaders. Its a project we where hoping to last year however due to issues at the time we were unable, but now im including it into a specilism. The project is to make a promotional video to advertise the new course taking over the one im on now, showing the best pieces over the life span of this course.
Editing Format - PC: Adobe CS5

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